Guangzhou 175D

Hey guys,i am Vinva,25 age,175D,I am come from Qingdao city,i am car model,work at car sale company,I like singing, dancing and traveling. I am looking forward to a better future. I hope I can find someone who really loves me. Now the best way for me is to accumulate wealth quickly. A woman broker can be independent if she is independent.pls contact me.


Guangzhou just arrived(hot)

Hello guys,i am Ashley,20 age,171D,i am come from Changchun city,i just arrvied Guangzhou city,i am college student,i need one shop belong to me,to sale clothes,shoes and bags,so i can do incall or outcall for high clss customer,because high class girl need high class customer,if u can accept 3000/ hour,pls contact us,we have more high class girls at our center,thx.


Guangzhou teacher

Hey guys,i am Jocy,26 age,168D,I am come from Suzhou city,i am teacher,I like to make friends with different kinds of hobbies. I like singing, traveling, climbing mountains. My skin is very white, and it’s warped and warped,if u like,pls let me know,thx.


Guangzhou new model

Hey guys,i am Tianna,21 age,171D,i am come from Suzhou city,i very like Guangzhou city,i am work at shopping center,i like dance and sing,White lace corset, bound the perfect body, outline the enchanting body. Black lace skirt, showing the fullness of the beautiful, as gifts are generally gifts of love,pls call me.


Guangzhou young woman

Hey guys,i am Qearl,30 age,171E,i am come from Shunde city,Lace stockings collocation perspective white nightgown, floating in the air, like an otherworldly fairy, in the blink of an eye, the black Garters across the screen, sexy like a flame spewing, this moment, happiness seems like sunshine body, love you, my little happiness.pls call me.


Guangzhou Ukraine Girl

Hello guys,i am Lily,20 age,175D,i am come from Ukraine,is working at Guangzhou city now,Delicate features, a perfect figure must be the creator’s preference, whether it is black underwear or white underwear, healthy skin color makes her look full of sunshine,pls call me,incall or outcall all ok.


Guangzhou korea girl

Hello guys,i am Jodie,22 age,171D,i am come from Korea,is car model at Guangzhou city,Linjiaxiaomei swinging with the light of heart from care, also can see her sitting on the carpet in front of you like a baby, so the innocent students and student uniforms temptation depth,if u like.pls call me.


Guangzhou amazing girl

Hello guys,i am Alina,22 age,171D,i am come from Chengdu city,A style of combustion air. Unfortunately, you fell in love with her, will be alive suffocated. Black lace underwear, the curve show very profusely. She slowly from the bottom up, slowly Zhang Kaigou photo soul eyes drops across ruby lips. Drop in general enough to make people flooding in Shuangfeng, and wet the golden bikinis.pls call me.


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